Are you interested in working for The LA Geeks? Good to hear. We’re looking for fun outgoing people to help with the site.

This is a chance to get in on the ground floor of something that could be big. We are looking to become the next TMZ for nerds. In short we need artists, writers, and anyone with a passion for geek culture that want to get into the journalism field. We aren’t looking for people with degrees, sure it helps, but it’s not essential. As long as you have skills that you feel would be helpful to the site then we want you. Just remember that even though were having fun going to events and such were still professionals and we expect the same from you. We need someone who can meet deadlines and except creative criticism.

This position is an internship for the site and would be on a freelance basis in the beginning. If we like what we see then we’ll give you more work and eventually you could be hired on as a permanent addition to the staff.

If you’re interested please send an Email to If we choose you for the position then you’ll be able to start work immediately covering the latest comics, movies, video games, and maybe even events.  If things work out then this could lead to a  stable position down the road. I can’t say too much at the moment but I can assure you, we are serious and this has the potential to be much bigger.


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